English for Adults

Learning should be fun, regardless of age. Especially when it is by choice and for your own self development, learning should be a joy, a pleasure, something to which you look forward. This is the underlying principle upon which we base all of our adult classes.

Our conversation based classes are small, and are designed to engage students through interesting topics.

Our comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere specifically encourages students to overcome any initial inhibitions they may have about speaking a foreign language.

We teach both British and American English in all of our classes, and explain the differences between the two.


The early bird catches the worm! Start the day the real English way, with a cup of tea and a discussion of current events. 


Take advantage of your lunch break and use the time to improve your English skills. Feel free to bring and eat your lunch during the class.

AFTERNOON TEA                                

Improve your English while discussing cultural matters from all over the globe. 

HAPPY HOUR incl. Apero                                                            

An after work activity to which you will actually look forward. Start your evening with a complimentary glass of wine or prosecco while having a discussion about topics upon which you are guaranteed to have an opinion.


It´s never too late to brush up your English skills. This course is for mature students who wish to study with people of a similar age. Ideal both for those who want to refresh and those who want to improve their English skills.